The Mission of The Virtual Register

Documenting the skirmishes between gaming and politics.

Hi there,

Welcome to the (updated - 02/26/21) inaugural post of The Virtual Register. If you’re reading this, I want to take a moment to say thank you and introduce myself. My name is Robert Potter. I am the founder of TVR. I work as a film editor by day and an avid gamer at night. Sprinkled in between my day job and my love of gaming is a passion for politics. I’ve always fancied myself a writer, having experimented with many different digital platforms to showcase my work. I started TVR as a way to marry my love of gaming and passion for the political horse race together.

Video games are perfectly positioned to portray some of the hardest, most underrepresented stories, engender some of the most difficult conversations between opposing constituencies, and shine some of the brightest lights on all the myriad of issues that plague society today. Fighting against all of this is a sense of tainting a once-perfect utopia with real-life issues. Much of this sentiment comes from gamers themselves.

I created TVR to help show how video games getting more and more political is actually a good thing for society. I want to show that when games tackle real issues or complicated events, the capacity for understanding different perspectives and thinking deeply about a particular topic is enormous. Video games and real life belong together, even if it’s in a love-hate relationship.

TVR is here to document all the skirmishes along the way.

What to expect?

The cadence for TVR will be sending out a post every Tuesday and Friday. I have no doubt there will be some experimenting on the ideal length and best format for these posts initially, but overall this will be the breakdown.

What’s the roadmap?

I have many ideas for the future of this publication. I’m not ready to share any yet, but what I can say is that I would love to get to a place where it’s not just me working on this, but instead, it becomes a collaborative effort among many different people. That would be the dream.

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